Ben Mook

Metro DC area

Ben Mook

Award-winning investigative journalist with multimedia, document-driven and reporting skills.

Experienced in: biotech, finance, banking, healthcare, police, state and federal courts. Currently pursuing a master's degree in interactive journalism from American University.

Extensive experience using a host of sources including SEC filings, court documents, real estate tax records and IRS Form 990s and other documents to drive enterprise reporting.



Beneath the waves: Decades of military dumping off the coast of Maryland

On Feb. 10, 1919, the USS Elinor set sail from the Baltimore Harbor on a mission to dump tons of grenades, mines and poison gas shells into the Atlantic Ocean. The ship’s journey took it out the Chesapeake Bay and up the Atlantic to New York. According to the ship’s log, once it traveled about 15 miles offshore, crewmembers started jettisoning the weaponry—no longer needed since World War I had ended three months earlier.
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Lions and tigers and bone wine?

Discovery Communications LLC was ordered to turn over footage from one of its Animal Planet shows about the use of tiger bones in winemaking to help bolster the defense of an animal rights group being sued in China.
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Old Soldiers’ Home losing ground in hopes of a more secure future

Nestled in the heart of Washington, D.C., is the 280-acre campus that serves as the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH), also known as the Old Soldiers’ Home. It has served retired veterans since a decade before the Civil War began. It’s also located in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.

Donated cars bring big bucks to public stations

This was an enterprise piece looking at car donation companies working with public radio stations.
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Kernan Sued For Medicare Fraud

This was a story I found using PACER that dealt with alleged upcoding.
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One-branch wonders – knowing the market helps niche banks

A document driven enterprise story about the dwindling number of single branch banks in Maryland.
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Speculators betting big on FCC TV spectrum auctions

A document-driven look at private equity firms gambling on the upcoming FCC spectrum auction.

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

An award-winning enterprise story about a financial advisor who started a pro wrestling league.
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Pricey Potomac street boasts mansions linked to African rulers

Real estate and tax records reveal that a pair of African dictators have mansions in one neighborhood.
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An upbeat trend for classical pubradio despite audience slide

An investigation into the state of classical music as a radio station format.
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Empty wallets, empty cribs for parents of failed international adoptions

An investigative piece about families suing a Md.-based international adoption agency.
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Constellation Energy, Exelon Corp. to merge in $7.9 billion deal

If Exelon Corp. is successful in its acquisition of Constellation Energy Group Inc., Baltimore could become a hub of energy trading and benefit from the addition of jobs, but it would come at a cost — the loss of the city’s only Fortune 500 company headquarters. On Thursday, the boards of directors of Exelon and Constellation signed off on an all-stock deal valued at $7.9 billion.
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Ben Mook

I am an award-winning reporter with 10+ years in enterprise, features and breaking news.
Knowledgeable about business, law, government, public agencies and the nonprofit sector.
Strong interest in data-driven reporting and storytelling that captures relationships between nonprofit funding, public service and organizational missions.
Prior to starting at Current in September 2012, I covered trial courts in Baltimore City as well as federal district court at The Daily Record in Baltimore for seven years.
While at The Daily Record I also served as the interim web editor and edited the Saturday edition of the paper, which has since ceased production.
I started in journalism at the Maryland Coast Dispatch in Berlin, Md. covering police, courts, local government and tourism in the Ocean City area.
I have also worked for, and/or contributed to: The Associated Press, the Boston Herald, North Carolina Lawyers Weekly and the Altoona Mirror.